Passtab is an easy to use, high level solution to front desk registration.

Using an iPad, Passtab delivers complete control over visitor registration and the unique requirements of student late sign-in and sign-out.

It accurately records all visitors to your school and allows you to see exactly who’s on the school grounds at any time. You can also search and retrieve a complete record of past visitor information via the easy to use administration dashboard.

Passtab is proudly Australian designed, built and owned.

These are just some of our features:

  • Custom Logo
  • Student Tracking
  • Customisable Fields
  • Emergency Access
  • Visitor Reporting

Passtab features

Streamline your sign-in management process.


Visitors who sign in are categorised into Teachers, Parents, Guardians or Contractors and are issued with a Visitor Pass lanyard that is registered against their name.

Advanced Technology and Security

Digital signature and secure cloud services means that you have the most up to date on-site visitor tracking.

Student Sign-in

Student late arrivals and early departures are a speciality of the Passtab system and it makes the process of knowing who’s in and who’s out extremely easy.

Regular Visitors

For regular users, you can issue a pin code that remembers all their details and speeds up registration process. When leaving, they simply re-enter the pin and confirm.

Schools are unique

Schools have very different visitor management needs to those of businesses, which is why we designed Passtab differently. Passtab manages the unique movements of students and staff and dynamically adjusts their visitor status.

We have listened to our school's requests and included features that make your job easier and more efficient. Our system gives you flexibility enabling access to the sign-in screen from any smart phone through a web browser. If required, this allows students to be signed-out by authorised personnel remotely, such as from an excursion location.

Unlike other systems, there are no limitations to the number of terminals you can have. With Passtab, signing in a young student who isn't able to complete the form for themselves can be done very easily, by opening up the Passtab system on whatever terminal you have available, in this case, your desktop computer, and signing in that student for them.

Reliable in emergency situations

Your Passtab administration dashboard is where you can see all the details of your visitors sign and sign out times. The information can be configured to display any data you need, making it easy to see who’s on the school grounds, who’s signed out and view visitor history.

In an emergency, Passtab gives you access to a comprehensive list of all registrations and activity. There’s no need to take the actual iPad, your lists can be easily accessed remotely and securely from any device connected to the internet. Simply login on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone and access all the data you need from there.

Your admin area will also store a history of all activity such as details of each visitor, what time they arrived, if and when they left and how long they were on site. With easy reporting tools, you’ll always be able to find the information you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic student tracking and alerts

The Passtab system dynamically tracks and updates student late arrivals, early departures and returning to school making the process of knowing who’s in and who’s out extremely easy.

Passtab gives you the option to alert by email the relevant teacher when a student signs in late or if that staff member is to be visitor.

Customised branding and input fields

In addition to your school logo being displayed on every page during the sign in process, schools can also order colour co-ordinated lanyards and customise the registration input fields to control what information your unique sign-in process collects.

30 Day Free Trial

We offer a 30 day free trial that will be ready for you the very next day.
Simply email us your school's name and we'll send you back the details to your trial account.

A dedicated staff member will personally manage your entire sign up process and customise your account to suit your needs.

To be setup fast email or call Passtab on 03 9800 1489


Contact us to start your 30 day free trial or move ahead and get started straight away.

Passtab software pricing:

$350 per year
Plus a $200 setup charge

$500 per year
Plus a $200 setup charge

Multi Site
Up to 3 sites (over 3 sites POA)
$650 per year
Plus a $500 setup charge

* Size classification is as follows:

Under 700 students is classified as "small"
Over 700 students is classified as "large"

Under 20 employees is classified as "small"
Over 20 employees is classified as "large"

Need an iPad Stand? Click here to see optional extras

*These prices do not include an iPad, they are software prices only.
Prices quoted are GST exclusive. For customers outside of Australia GST not applicable.

Optional Extras… Need a Desk or a Floor Stand?

We offer a range of hardware options for those who need it.

iPad Desk Stand

Anti-theft iPad desk stand. Simple design. Easy to use.
$150 ex. gst

This kiosk style iPad counter stand is ideal for a desk location. The iPad is securely fitted inside the housing, and the unit simply sits on the desk. It also has anti-theft features, allowing you to fasten the unit to the counter top if you feel security is required.

Floor Stand

With optional easy to install anti-theft floor screws
$180 ex. gst

When you would like to host your sign in kiosk away from the desk top, this iPad floor stand is the ideal solution. The iPad is securely fitted inside the housing, and the unit simply stands on the ground. It also has anti-theft features, allowing you to fasten the unit to the floor if you feel security is required.

Lanyards with branded cards

High-quality lanyards with clear I.D. holders to fit visitor cards
Pack of 10 $50.00 ex.gst

Black visitor lanyard with plastic ID card holder and printed visitor card (with custom logo).

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Passtab is proudly Australian designed, built and owned.