Flexible and customised visitor management for today’s schools.

Designed specifically for schools to deliver flexible configuration options to meet your school’s unique requirements.

Schools favourite customised features:

  • Your Logo & Branding
  • Exclusive student features
  • Regular visitor Quickpins
  • Photographs
  • Mobile access
  • School Terms & Policies
  • Label Printing

Let's take a closer look

Streamline your school’s sign in management process.

School Visitor Management

Manage category types such as contractors, volunteers, parents and relief staff. Collect different information from each during the sign in/out process.


Powerful options using email or SMS. Notify teachers of student movements. Alert staff to the arrival of their visitor. Email key contacts when a sign in flags certain conditions against a registration.


Student late arrivals and early departures are a speciality of the Passtab system with clear and concise reporting for day-to-day operations or emergency situations.

Regular Visitors

Issue a quickpin to regular visitors for a faster sign in process.


Options include customised printed labels, returnable visitor lanyards, a photograph of each visitor or drivers license scanning.

Terms & Policies

Agreement to terms of entry or school policies. Check if visitors have the relevant children/police checks or if contractors have completed your induction.


A registration system that meets your exact sign in and sign out requirements.

School emergency or evacuation

In a school emergency, Passtab offers one click access to a complete list of all registrations showing you who needs to be accounted for.

Passtab is a real-time web based system, so the list is always accurate and can be accessed from any device with internet connection.

Fast accurate reporting

The Passtab dashboard provides a complete list of all current and historical activity using reports. Set report criteria using easy to use filters to find a particular person or who visited on a certain day.

Customisable search fields, filters and check boxes make it easy for you to find and manage your information.

Export to Excel or Word to print, save or share with staff.

Dynamic student tracking and alerts

The Passtab system dynamically manages student late arrivals, early departures and returning to school with clear and concise reporting.

By enabling Passtab notification features the relevant teacher can be alerted when a student signs in late or leaves early.

School relief teacher hours tracking

Use Passtab to track hours of your schools relief teachers and part time staff. It’s also a great way to monitor the length of time contractors spend at your school.

Personalised Configuration

Passtab is powerful and pushes boundaries while being simple and intuitive to use. You will have a dedicated account manager to listen to your requirements and work with you to personalise your school’s configuration.

The end result will be a your school’s own visitor management system that meets your exact requirements.

School policies and induction information

During the sign in proces, visitors agree to your contractor and visitor policies, such as the Child Safety Standard Code of Conduct, induction information and warnings that are required to meet compliance regulations.

On site compliance an essential part of school security.

School Excursion sign out

Passtab can be securely accessed by authorised personnel from any smart phone to sign students out from their excursion or sports location.

Link multiple school sign in stations

Within any one site, Passtab allows you to use the software on as many iPad stations as you wish. Use it in the staff room, sick bay or any other area where people move into and out of the school. Each station will send its information to your centralised administration.

Passtab also includes multi-campus configurations to link any number of campus locations into one seamless system. Used by some of Australia’s largest colleges to streamline school visitor management across different regions.

30 Day Free Trial

We offer a 30 day free trial that will be ready for you the very next day.
Simply email us your school's name and we'll send you back the details to your trial account.

A dedicated staff member will personally manage your entire sign up process and customise your account to suit your needs.

To be setup fast email or call Passtab on 03 9800 1489


Contact us to start your 30 day free trial or move ahead and get started straight away.

Passtab software pricing:

$350 per year
Plus a $200 setup charge

$500 per year
Plus a $200 setup charge

Multi Campus
Up to 3 campuses (over 3 campuses POA)
$650 per year
Plus a $500 setup charge

* Size classification is as follows:

Under 700 students is classified as "small"
Over 700 students is classified as "large"

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*These prices do not include an iPad, they are software prices only.
Prices quoted are GST exclusive. For customers outside of Australia GST not applicable.

Optional Extras
Need an iPad Desk Stand or Floor Stand?

We offer a range of hardware options for those who need it.

iPad Desk Stand

Anti-theft iPad desk stand. Simple design. Easy to use.
$150 ex. gst

This kiosk style iPad counter stand is ideal for a desk location. The iPad is securely fitted inside the housing, and the unit simply sits on the desk. It also has anti-theft features, allowing you to fasten the unit to the counter top if you feel security is required.

Floor Stand

With optional easy to install anti-theft floor screws
$180 ex. gst

When you would like to host your sign in kiosk away from the desk top, this iPad floor stand is the ideal solution. The iPad is securely fitted inside the housing, and the unit simply stands on the ground. It also has anti-theft features, allowing you to fasten the unit to the floor if you feel security is required.

Lanyards with branded cards

High-quality lanyards with clear I.D. holders to fit visitor cards
Pack of 10 $50.00 ex.gst

Black visitor lanyard with plastic ID card holder and printed visitor card (with custom logo).

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