Manage contractor activity and compliance on your school campus

Passtab centralises the administration of contractors working at your school. We streamline your workflows so you can operate with greater efficiency and compliance.

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Invite contractors to complete induction and compliance requirements prior to arrival*

When the contractor arrives, they sign in and Passtab will run checks to ensure their Induction has been completed and all compliance documents are current.

Passtab consolidates your induction, compliance and security management

Integrate your school’s induction, compliance and visitor management systems for unparalleled security, administrative efficiencies and easy-to-manage compliance.

*All features marked with an asterisk are available in Passtab Premium only.

Include your induction training within your contractor sign-in*

Incorporate your induction of contractors and other visitors in your sign-in process and reduce your admin load.

Passtab’s visitor management system supports existing training assets within its induction forms.

  • Present contractors with information pertinent to their visit at the time of sign-in
  • Include your existing training assets, including video, audio, photos and illustrations, as well as written materials if you choose
  • Request contractors read/watch and acknowledge materials to complete their induction
  • Record their acceptance of your terms of entry within their virtual profile
  • Allow induction to be completed during sign in or prior to their arrival at your school
  • Once completed, Passtab checks contractors’ induction status is still valid at subsequent visits to your school

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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Tailor your induction process to suit different contractor and visitor types*

Deliver different induction training to your different visitor types. Passtab identifies and delivers the induction module appropriate to each visitor – for example, contractors, volunteers, parents, general visitors, relief and permanent staff – according to criteria you set.

Ensure each visitor group reads/watches and acknowledges the materials relevant to their role, as part of your terms of entry.

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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Consolidate and manage contractors’ compliance documents in Passtab*

Meet your school’s legal requirements and risk responsibilities in relation to contractors, visitors and relief staff with our document management portal.

The portal collates, stores and monitors the validity of documents required for your school to operate. It alerts your contractors when their documents are approaching expiry to prompt renewal.

The document management portal is designed to integrate with a wide range of documents, including:

For your school’s operation:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation cover
  • Professional indemnity cover
  • DBS Certificate (UK only)

For management of contractors, visitors, students and staff:

  • Professional licences and accreditations
  • Insurance requirements
  • Relevant professional and trade training
  • Driver’s licences
  • First aid certificates
  • Working with Children Checks
  • Blue cards
  • Industry/peak body registrations
  • Police Check

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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Invite contractors to complete induction and compliance requirements prior to arrival*

During sign in, Passtab checks your contractors’ compliance and induction status.

  • Contractors with invalid or expired documents are prompted to update them in order to gain entry.
  • Fast-track the sign-in experience by inviting contractors and visitors to complete their induction and compliance requirements prior to coming on-site.
  • Passtab notifies contractors of their requirements in advance of their visit to enable them to complete these remotely, if they choose.

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.


Automate staff reminders to verify compliance documentation*

Have complete confidence in the validity of all contractor documentation with Passtab’s verification cross-check process.

When contractors submit their documentation – insurance, accreditation, licences, training etc – the original certificates and documents are scanned and stored within their Passtab profile.

Passtab then alerts nominated staff that these documents are pending approval. School staff can view uploaded documents and cross-check their validity.

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Alert visitors when they need to renew their induction and compliance documentation*

Remind visitors to renew their induction training*

Best practice recommends that contractors and visitors renew their induction training every twelve months. Passtab automatically notifies your contractors and visitors when you update your induction materials and when their training needs to be renewed.

Remind visitors that their compliance documentation is nearing expiry*

Passtab automatically monitors the expiry dates of documentation required for contractor and other visitor compliance.

  • Renewal reminders are sent to contractors and other visitors when their documents are nearing expiry
  • Your school is also notified when information is nearing expiry or has expired

Contractors and visitors can submit new documents and complete their induction requirements remotely or at the time of their next visit.

Any contractors or visitors who arrive on campus with renewals pending will be prompted to update their induction training and compliance documentation at sign-in to gain entry.

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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Audit-ready reports

Meet the requirements of different governing bodies with our audit-ready reports*

Ensure your school meets compliance with governing bodies across Australia with Passtab’s suite of tailored compliance modules. We make it easy for you to be audit-ready.

*Available in Passtab Premium only.

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Manage the borrowing of keys and other assets

Passtab allows you to monitor who has borrowed school assets, such as keys, first aid kits, laptops and equipment.

  • Log and track who has each item and when they are due to be returned
  • Opt to assign a QR code to your assets to streamline the borrowing process
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