Respond to the changing health context with our COVID-19 management features

The public health environment is changing rapidly in response to the pandemic. Our suite of COVID-19 management tools allows you to adapt quickly and promote best practice.

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Prepare your school and support public health with our COVID-19 management tools

Passtab has developed a suite of COVID-19 management tools to ensure your school is best placed to receive visitors and contractors during the pandemic and beyond.

As public health mandates and directives change, our design and development team renews our offering. We make it simple for you to fulfill your responsibilities and protect your students and staff with our agile approach.

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Promote optimal hygiene through safety messages on your home screen

Set your home screen to remind visitors, students and staff of priority health messages, such as using hand sanitiser before entering the school or using iPad stations.

These messages promote best-practice hygiene and can be changed simply through your administration dashboard.

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Embed COVID-19 health screenings within your sign-in experience

Passtab allows you to include a COVID-19 health screening as part of your sign-in experience. Allow visitors to complete their health-screening in advance or include it as a condition of entry on arrival on campus.

Your health screenings can also include vaccination status, collecting photographic evidence or allowing for a simple “evidence visually sighted” process.

Your COVID-19 health screenings can be changed in accordance with changes to public health guidance.

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Passtab facilitates contactless sign-in in for a fast, no-touch approach


Allow visitors to use their own mobiles to sign-in

Passtab’s contactless sign-in feature means visitors can sign in and out of your school using their mobile devices.

This also allows you to create more sign-in stations without needing additional iPads, ideal for events, busy reception areas, or locations where an iPad may not be safe.


Allow regular visitors and staff to sign in using existing RFID cards or key tags

Limit contact with your iPad stations by allowing your staff and regular visitors to sign in and out using RFID cards or key tags, such as school library cards and staff/visitor ID cards or tags.


Enable contactless sign-in for staff

Select the staff mobile feature on your account to enable staff sign-in using their computer, laptop or mobile device. Our privacy and data security management ensures your information remains protected in this mode.

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Facilitate effective contact-tracing through comprehensive school visitor records

Place your school in the best position to allow for contract-tracing, in the event it’s required. Passtab allows you to keep accurate records of your visitors’ contact details, such as their mobile numbers, and export them through our contact-tracing report capability, should visitors need to be notified.

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Manage the COVID-19 vaccination status of visitors, students and staff with Passtab

Introduce the collection of COVID-19 vaccination status to visitor, contractor, student and staff profiles, as required and where permissible.

Store vaccination details and certificates (optional), including vaccination type, dates of doses administered and medical exemptions. Monitor partially vaccinated individuals to prioritise your school’s safety and compliance, and deny entry where vaccination status does not meet your requirements.

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Meet your obligations to contracted workers around COVID-19 Safety Plans

Passtab allows you to collect and store COVID Safety Plans (or COVIDSafe Plans) from organisations and companies that service your school.  

COVID-19 Safety Plans outline actions to minimise the risk of a person with COVID-19 entering a workplace and spreading it to other people.

Passtab makes it easy to ensure you’re meeting your school’s obligations to contracted workers attending school sites.

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