Passtab’s networking capability makes managing multiple school locations easy

Passtab allows you to share your data across multiple campuses and/or schools. Each campus and iPad station can be customised, with data all feeding back to one location. Equally different levels of permission can be designated to staff to manage their access.

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Network your schools and/or campuses for centralised reporting benefits

Networking your diverse locations through our central administrator dashboard allows you to access and share data across all locations or on a campus-by-campus basis.

The central administrator controls all locations and can draw reports on an individual or cross-campus basis. Perform centralised reporting effortlessly.

Monitor and manage all your school and/or campus processes for visitors, induction and compliance through the one dashboard. Benefit from invaluable insights through our multi-campus configuration.

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Passtab allows you to set up each campus to suit its unique needs

We understand that each school campus has its own set of needs, from visitor management requirements to key personnel and other operational differences.

Maintain consistency in key functions without sacrificing individual campus needs.

Passtab treats each campus or school individually. Each site has its own administration dashboard and defines its unique system configuration. Campuses can display different logo, colour schemes and names.

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Streamline your reporting with our customised capabilities

Consolidate and customise campus/school reporting through the central administrator dashboard. Access up-to-the-minute data on school visitor activity, staffing requirements and relief hours, student movements, teacher registrations and Working with Children Checks.

Passtab allows you to configure your central administration dashboard to answer your unique requirements. All reports are available in real time for authorised staff on their desktop and mobile devices.

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