Receive automated notifications in real time to improve school productivity

Keep staff informed of student movements, visitor arrivals, activity and critical incidents on school grounds with our automated email/SMS* notifications.

Passtab supports your administrative team to ensure staff are across school operations at all times. Succinct communication supports the effective running of your school.

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Alert your staff to a visitor’s arrival and location

Notify staff members as soon as their visitors and contractors sign onto school grounds.

Visitors select the name of the staff member they’ve come to see from a drop-down list at sign in. Passtab sends an email or SMS* to let staff know they’ve arrived and the entrance they’re located.

Passtab integrates with your school information system to automatically keep your staff list and their details up to date.

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Stay across student movements as they happen

Assist your teachers in performing their duty of care with our student movement notifications.

Passtab sends automated emails and SMS notifications in real time to inform teachers when their students sign in late or leave early.

The Passtab printer also allows you to instantly produce passes for students to present as evidence of having logged their late arrival or early departure.

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Keep your school grounds secure with our after-hours alerts

Notify nominated members of staff when staff, students, visitors or contractors are on school grounds outside normal hours.

When individuals sign-in on a Passtab iPad station outside your set “working hours” an email and/or SMS* notification is dispatched to the staff you’ve identified as responsible for this duty of care. Staff are also alerted when they sign out to confirm the person has safely departed.

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Effectively manage emergencies and critical events with our instant alerts

Passtab allows you to collect visitor mobile numbers at sign in. This means in the case of an emergency you can instantly notify all persons on school grounds.

Send a customised message via SMS* advising all visitors and staff of the situation with instructions to ensure their safety through the Passtab emergency alerts feature. Opt to send different alert messages to different types of people, such as staff, visitors, contractors.

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Pre-select SMS* and/or email notifications for individual functions

Passtab gives you the flexibility to customise your alerts to suit your school’s needs. Set up your Passtab system to automatically send SMS* and/or email notifications for each different function.

*Additional costs for SMS apply.

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Pre-register VIPs or important guests to fast-track sign-in at school events

Ensure the smooth running of your events using Passtab’s VIP notifications. Upload the guest lists for committee and network meetings, conferences and other school events in advance to streamline your sign-in experience for important school guests.

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