We provide high-end solutions for schools of all sizes

Our adaptive visitor management system can be scaled to suit all schools. Our approach is client-centred, and our platform is highly customisable to accommodate your specific requirements.

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Your unique needs are our specialty

We understand that all schools are different. So, we’ve designed a visitor management system that meets diverse needs.

We take the time to understand your school: your operational systems and your specific challenges. Then we tailor our solutions to streamline your workflows and reduce your administrative load.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the education sector to promote your operational excellence.

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We believe customisation is key

At Passtab, we work with schools of all sizes, from complex multi-campus international colleges to small schools in regional and remote locations.

Our personalised approach ensures your success. We’re committed to refining our offering to meet your school’s needs.

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We take pride in delivering superior customer support

We believe in creating relationships for the long term based on rapid response with a smile.

Our customer service team is in Melbourne, supporting schools from all around Australia and internationally.

We’d love to help you improve your operational efficiency. Let’s chat about easing your admin load.

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