Manage staff movements more effectively with Passtab

Passtab gives you oversight into staff movements at a glance. Fast-track staff sign-in, on and off campus, and access real-time reports for more efficient campus management.

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View and report on staff movements through your Passtab dashboard

Passtab’s administration dashboard allows you to track and report on staff activity in real time. View staff sign-in and sign-out timestamps and access interactive emergency checklists and reports for a streamlined response to campus issues.

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Systemise your staff sign-in with our digital ID tools

With Passtab, you can connect your staff sign-in to existing school security passes and cards with barcodes.

  • RFID electromagnetic tap cards: Use your security passes or printer tokens to tap in and out of your school
  • Barcodes: Scan barcodes on existing cards, such as library and staff cards, to sign in and out. Passtab recognises most barcodes

Fast-track casual and relief staff sign-in using QR codes and QuickPINs

Facilitate simple sign-in for your regular casual and relief staff with Passtab’s digital ID tools.

  • QR codes: Allocate regular casual staff a numeric or alphabetical PIN to a QR code to scan in and out of your school
  • QuickPINs: Issue regular relief staff with a short numeric or alphabetical PIN to sign in and out

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Activate remote sign-in for your staff

Allow staff to sign in at school without having to present to the front desk. Passtab’s mobile capability means staff can sign in using their smartphones, desktop computers and other platforms.

This is ideal during remote-learning periods, on professional development days, when attending conferences or when it’s inconvenient to access the main office.

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Manage your casual and relief workforce movements within Passtab

Capture your casual and relief teachers’ hours within our adaptive management system. Record details, such as teaching position, hours worked (full/half day) and teacher number, against each person’s profile within the Passtab interface.

Access our concise reporting tools to calculate casual/relief teaching hours worked within a defined date range, live commenting tools, data export to Word or Excel, and other helpful insights for staff scheduling.

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Streamline your workflows and ensure compliance with Passtab’s seamless integration

As the leading visitor management software provider for the education sector, we’re adept at increasing school efficiencies.

Passtab communicates with a number of leading software systems to streamline your administrative operations, including:

  • Wonde – supporting more than 25 student information systems
  • Active Directory / Azure AD
  • Aruba ClearPass
  • Extreme Networks
  • SSO – supporting more than 10 identity providers

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