Take charge of your compliance with our live teacher registration validation features

Ensure the registrations of your teaching staff remain current with Passtab’s live registration check tool. Our platform communicates directly with state authorities to authenticate your teachers’ credentials.

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Instantly verify your teaching staff registrations with Passtab’s live check tool

Confirm the registration of your teaching staff in real time with Passtab’s live verification tool. This includes VIT in Victoria and Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA). Passtab can automate this live check as part of your school’s sign-in to ensure all licences remain current.

Alternatively, you can designate a time that suits your operational team to bulk-check your staff’s registrations through the Passtab dashboard. Reduce your administrative load and rest assured your school meets compliance.

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Validate the registration of teaching staff at sign-in

Automate registration live checks as part of your school’s sign-in. Embed the verification of permanent, relief and casual staff registrations within your school’s everyday operations for greater efficiency:

  • Registrations, including VIT in Victoria and Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA), are verified each time staff sign in
  • Receive validation in real time for absolute certainty of every visitor’s compliance
  • Our live check confirms registration status, not just its expiry date
  • An alert is raised if a registration has lapsed/is invalid
  • Meet your compliance requirements with minimal administrative investment

Available in most Australian states. Talk to our team about availability in your region

Record the registrations of permanent and regular relief staff within the platform

Passtab allows you to record the teaching registration of your permanent and regular relief/casual staff. It re-validates this data every time your teaching staff sign in.

Validate teaching registrations stored within your database in bulk or individually

Passtab gives you the option to verify an individual registration or run a check on all registration numbers stored within your database in bulk.

An all-of-system check is accessible from the Passtab dashboard and allows you to stay on top of your compliance.

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