Recognise your regular visitors with Passtab’s digital ID tools

Simplify the sign-in experience for regular visitors to your school with our bespoke digital ID tools. Passtab creates unique visitor profiles that can connect to QR codes, tap cards, and more.

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Enable digital sign-in for your regular visitors

Facilitate streamlined sign-in for your regular visitors with Passtab’s digital ID features. Visitors can be issued with unique QR codes and QuickPINs that connect to their profiles.

Passtab also integrates with existing security passes and cards with barcodes, QR codes, RFID and HID tags (RFID).

  • QR codes: A QR code keyring can be used to scan in and out of your school

  • RFID & HID tap cards: Use your security door system security passes or printer tokens to tap in and out of your school

  • QuickPINs: Issue visitors with a short numeric or alphabetical PIN to sign in and out

  • Barcodes: Scan barcodes on existing school cards to sign in and out. Passtab can recognise most existing barcodes

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View visitor credentials and on-site activity within the reporting dashboard

Our sophisticated administration dashboard gives you easy access to your visitor profiles. See their movements in real time and review their credentials (name, visitor type, sign-in/out timestamps, reason for visit). Passtab allows you to configure your visitor management system to capture and report on information according to your unique requirements.

Establish effective workflows and enhance your school’s security with automations that:

  • Capture visitors’ agreement to your terms of entry

  • Record and verify visitors’ identity through facial recognition and photo ID

  • Log their time on-site against their unique profile

  • Build on data collected at the iPad with your own notes, comments or additions with our editable reports

  • Export data to CSV to integrate with school reports

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