Make child safety central to coordinating your volunteers

Passtab consolidates the administration of your volunteer workforce in one platform. Collate your Working with Children Checks, induction and compliance requirements for superior security management.

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Integrate your induction training with your volunteer sign-in*

Incorporate your induction of volunteers and other visitors into your sign-in process and reduce your admin load. Passtab’s visitor management system supports existing training assets within its induction forms.

  • Present volunteers with information pertinent to their role at the time of sign-in
  • Include video, audio, photos and illustrations as well as written materials if you choose
  • Request volunteers read/watch and acknowledge materials to complete their induction
  • Record their acceptance of your terms of entry within their virtual profile
  • Allow induction to be completed during sign in or prior to their arrival at your school
  • Once completed, Passtab checks volunteers’ induction status is still valid at subsequent visits to your school
  • Send renewal reminders to volunteers when their compliance and induction needs updating

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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Validate visitors’ Working with Children Checks on the spot

Student safety is at the heart of everything we do. Passtab enables the live validation of visitors’ Working with Children Checks (WWCC) so you can feel assured in the validity of visitors working on-site.

  • Screen and validate visitors’ WWCCs at sign-in
  • Passtab checks both the WWCC expiry date and its validity for your surety
  • Store WWCC details for regular visitors within the platform to streamline sign-in
  • View a visitor’s WWCC status within the Passtab dashboard
  • Run a single or bulk status check on all stored cards as a routine check
  • Available in most Australian states. Please enquire about availability in your region
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Streamline the borrowing of IT equipment and other assets

Passtab tracks and manages the borrowing of school assets, such as IT equipment, keys, first aid kits and other items.

  • Log and track who has each item and when they are due to be returned
  • Opt to assign a QR code to your assets to streamline the borrowing process

Tailor your borrowing management system to suit your needs. For instance, a dedicated iPad at your IT desk can be customised to collect information like:

  • Log bookings for laptops or iPads that are damaged, faulty or need repairs
  • Manage requests for IT support
  • Receive automated notifications when requests are booked through the system
  • Review requests, in the dashboard or export it for use outside of Passtab
  • Paired with the Passtab printer to create a docket system for specific jobs and print job tickets, receipts or labels

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Pre-screen your volunteers prior to their coming on-site*

Passtab streamlines the process for pre-screening volunteers. Volunteers complete the relevant registration, induction and compliance requirements through the platform, allowing you to review their credentials and approve them for work through the administrative dashboard.

During sign in, Passtab also checks your volunteers’ compliance and induction status. Volunteers with invalid or expired documents are prompted to update them to gain entry.

*Feature available in Passtab Premium only.

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