School visitor management

A highly adaptive visitor management platform that seamlessly integrates with your school’s systems.

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Passtab simplifies your front-office operations

Visitor management

Contractor management

Volunteer Management

Casual & Relief Staff

Staff sign in/out

Student sign in/out

Working with Children Check

Teachers’ registration

Integration other School systems

IT, key & asset tracking

Prioritise security and maximise efficiency with Passtab

We specialise in visitor management solutions tailored for schools. We’re proud to be the leading visitor management provider for the education sector.

Passtab is highly customisable to accommodate diverse needs. We recognise that each school is unique, so we take the time to understand your workflows.

Our staff is committed to superior client service. We’re driven to go the extra mile. We’d love to help you rationalise your visitor management and front-office operations.

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Personalised service every step of the way

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Arrival 12pm

Working with children


Manage contractor compliance

Passtab makes your responsibility to ensure the safety of workers at your school easy. Pre-register, induct, document qualifications, sign in and audit contractor records – all within the one platform.

  • Pre-register contractors by invitation
  • Allow contractors to arrive casually and complete requirements at the sign-in iPad
  • Complete training and inductions
  • Review and agree to child-safety and other policies
  • Report on contractors visit times
  • View contractor compliance status at a glance
  • Automated email notifications prompt contractors to update their expired documents
  • Non-compliant contractors are prompted to update their information during sign in or denied entry
  • Export reports in real time for audit or emergency purposes

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Streamline emergency procedures

Passtab manages your on-site lists of visitors, students and staff onsite in real time. In cases of emergency, authorised staff can use their mobile device to access up-to-the-minute lists and check off individuals within the platform’s interface as they’re accounted for.

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Validate Working with Children Checks

Passtab provides live validation of visitors’ Working with Children Checks (WWCC) to ensure the safety of your students and school.

  • Screen and validate visitors’ WWCCs during sign in

  • Store WWCC details for regular visitors within the platform

  • Available in VIC, QLD, WA and TAS. Please enquire about availability in other regions

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Integrate with your school’s systems

Passtab connects with over 55 leading school systems to:

  • Sync student profiles

  • Sync staff profiles

  • Facilitate single sign on

  • Record early-leaver and late-arrival movements

  • Record passes

  • Issue secure WIFI network access

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