Consolidate your induction and compliance processes with Passtab

Manage your induction and compliance responsibilities more efficiently with Passtab Premium. Our induction and compliance capability enables customised record-keeping and reporting to meet your school’s specific needs.

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Invite contractors to complete induction and compliance requirements prior to arrival*

When the contractor arrives, they sign in and Passtab will run checks to ensure their Induction has been completed and all compliance documents are current.

Passtab manages your school inductions and ensures they’re up to date*

Passtab presents visitors and contractors attending your school with induction information relevant to their role. Instruct their training and capture their acknowledgment of important information as part of your terms of entry, through the platform.

Your school can invite visitors and contractors to complete their induction in advance or be guided through the process when they arrive on campus. Passtab automatically reviews the validity of their induction each time they sign in to your school.

*Only available with Passtab Premium

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Integrate your existing induction content into Passtab*

Incorporate your school’s induction assets, such as training videos, induction audio, photos and illustrations, within the platform. Passtab supports your existing content to create a seamless visitor experience.

Deliver role-specific induction processes for different visitor types*

Passtab accommodates the delivery of different induction processes for your various visitor types. Create tailored pathways and streamline the induction of contractors, volunteers, parents, general and regular visitors, and relief and permanent staff.

Automate your induction renewal reminders through the platform*

Visitors and contractors are typically expected to renew their induction every twelve months to ensure they are across any new information relevant to their function within your school. When visitors are due to renew their induction, Passtab sends them an automated reminder.

*Only available with Passtab Premium

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Ensure your school’s compliance and be audit ready with Passtab*

Passtab allows you to consolidate your school’s compliance within the one platform. It gives you easy oversight and ensures you meet the legal requirements of relevant governing bodies. During set-up, our customer service team works with you to customise the module to your school’s specific needs.  

Manage your school’s responsibilities through the administrative dashboard. Store and track the validity of your school’s licences, certificates and insurance documents within the platform. When a licence is approaching its expiry, Passtab sends nominated staff a notification to renew.

*Only available with Passtab Premium

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Meet your school’s obligations to visitors more effectively*

Ensure you meet your risk responsibilities to visitors, contractors and relief staff working on campus with Passtab compliance. Ensure your visitors and contractors are compliant, before granting them access to your school.

Passtab collates, stores and monitors your contractors’ compliance documentation within our digital filing system. Automate the collection of professional licenses, driver’s licences, first aid certificates, public liability insurance and workers’ compensation cover, working with children checks and blue cards, professional indemnity and UK DBS certificates through the platform.

Track and verify the validity of contractor credentials*

Notify your contractors and visitors when their credentials require renewal. Documents can be uploaded in advance of coming on campus or on arrival. Your nominated staff can then crosscheck and verify their validity to enable access.

Entry to your school remains dependent on the supply of valid credentials.

*Only available with Passtab Premium

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