Facilitate flexible access to your school with Passtab’s unlimited entry and exit stations

Give visitors, students and staff the ability to sign in and out from multiple points on campus. Passtab allows you to set up unlimited entry/exit stations around your school.

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Enable sign-in to your school at multiple locations on campus

Passtab’s unlimited entry and exit stations mean visitors, students and staff can sign in from multiple places around your school.

There are no charges for additional stations at a single-campus school.

Choose between iPad and QR stations

Entry and exit stations can be set up as iPad stations or as QR code posters, or a mix of both. This is a great way to cover more access points on campus without the investment of additional iPads.

Maintain oversight of movements on campus in real-time

Each station links to your central administration dashboard, sharing data to update you on visitors, students and staff on-campus in real time.

Customise each station according to its function

Stations can be set up at school entrances, outside the library, in your first aid centre, and at sites where you lend keys and other assets, such as laptops and IT equipment.

Each station can be adapted for its specific use. For example, the station in your first aid centre can focus on recording first aid incidents and the use of medical supplies in the first instance.

Greet visitors to campus with school-branded entry and exit stations

Present a polished first impression to visitors with school-branded entry and exit stations. Passtab allows you to display your school logo or a series of school images as the platform’s screensaver.

When the screen is touched, the home screen reloads. There is no limit to the number of images you can display.

Activate sleep-mode after hours to deter potential thefts

Set your stations to run on sleep-mode – with screens dark – after hours to reduce the risk of opportunistic theft.

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