Deliver effective first aid and medical care with Passtab

Creating a central register of school/student medications and first aid incidents allows you to provide immediate and appropriate medical care. Maintain accurate school medical records and track visitors’ COVID-19 vaccination status through the Passtab platform.

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Passtab streamlines your response to school medical needs

Facilitate the smooth running of your first aid centre with Passtab’s medical modules. Document COVID-19 vaccination status and maintain accurate records of first aid incidents and medications within the one platform.

Provide prompt and informed medical care and reduce your administrative load with Passtab.

Track the expiry dates of all your medical supplies

Monitor the expiration of all school and student medications, including EpiPens, within Passtab. When a medication is approaching its expiry date, it is highlighted in your administrative dashboard to prompt its replacement.

Feel confident you are well placed to meet your school’s medical needs with Passtab.

Maintain up-to-date records of student medications in Passtab

Passtab creates a register of your student medications to guide their administration. In addition to documenting the student’s name, their medication and its expiry dates, you can also record the relevant contact details to assist with each medication’s replacement.

Parents can directly enter their child’s medication requirements into the platform. This ensures that your medication register is accurate and up to date at all times.

Clearly identify all medications with Passtab’s label printing capability

Ensure your student and school medications are easy to find with Passtab’s medication label-printing. Passtab’s medication labels display the student’s name (where appropriate) and the medication’s expiry date. Effective labelling assists with quick visual identification and treatment.

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Document first aid incidents as they occur with Passtab

Capture accurate details of first aid incidents at your school with Passtab’s first aid module. Record the time and date, the student/s affected, a description of the incident, the treatment administered, and the outcome, as it happens.
Locating a Passtab station (iPad or computer) in your first aid centre allows staff to input and access information in a timely fashion. This promotes exact record-keeping and ensures you meet your duty of care to students and visitors to your campus.

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Streamline sign-in for regular visitors with verified vaccinated profiles*

Passtab’s QuickPIN profiles for regular visitors retain their vaccination status within the platform. When a regular visitor signs in using their QuickPIN, Passtab automatically approves their vaccination in line with the evidence provided.

Provide a list of visitors exempt from providing vaccination status*

Passtab will automatically prompt visitors to supply their vaccination status on entry, but you can also enable the sign-in of specific visitors you deem exempt from providing their vaccination status.

Receive an automated alert in the event an unvaccinated person attempts sign-in*

If a visitor indicates they are insufficiently vaccinated or unvaccinated, Passtab will not allow their sign in and issue an immediate email notification to nominated staff.

This will alert you to the time, date and location of their failed sign-in attempt for your information and records.

*The set-up of the COVID-19 vaccination module has a one-off set-up fee of $150 + GST. This covers installation and testing against your account configuration.

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Tailor your COVID-19 vaccination requirements to suit your school*

The guidelines and mandates around COVID-19 continue to change. With Passtab, you can stay up to date with new regulations and customise your vaccination requirements according to your school’s specific terms.

Passtab captures the vaccination status of staff, visitors and contractors coming on campus at sign in, then stores and monitors these details, sending you alerts when action, such as providing evidence of additional doses, is required.

To protect the privacy of your visitors, Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) numbers are automatically redacted in Passtab.

*The set-up of the COVID-19 vaccination module has a one-off set-up fee of $150 + GST. This covers installation and testing against your account configuration.

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Re-configure your COVID-19 terms of entry as your needs change*

Choose whether you’d prefer to record or simply sight and confirm vaccination status at sign-in. You can also opt to accept just TGA-approved vaccinations or to also accept all vaccinations recognised in Australia and overseas.

Our customer service team will help you customise your COVID-19 vaccination module according to your school’s needs.

Draw on vaccination data for your specific reporting processes*

Approved staff can validate, review and audit visitors’ vaccination status, as well as revisit the evidence provided, through the administrative dashboard.

Filter the data according to profile type (for example QuickPIN profiles or visitor types), run detailed reports and export this information to csv/excel formats to suit your school needs.

You can also access information on the date of visitors’ last doses, vaccine type (optional) and photograph of vaccine proof (optional).