Passtab facilitates the borrowing (and return) of keys and other school assets

Ensure school property can be accounted for at all times with Passtab’s coordinated lending processes.

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Trust your school asset lending processes to Passtab

Coordinate the borrowing of school property, such as keys, first aid kits, laptops, IT devices, sporting items and other equipment with Passtab’s asset management features and reporting tools.

Trace the whereabouts of keys and other school assets in real time and embed strong processes around the signing in and out of school items.

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Scan keys and items

Passtab creates a streamlined borrowing process by allowing you to allocate a QR code to individual items. This means each asset can be scanned out and in again – on its return – through iPad.

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Auditable reporting

Intuitive reports with filters, sorting and search tools enable you to track and locate items based on who borrowed/returned it, and when and where. Keep comprehensive profiles of each item to tag and categorise items into groups for better tracking and retrieval of information. Each item retains a borrow-and-return history.

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