Respond to critical incidents effectively with Passtab’s emergency management features

Passtab’s emergency management features allow you to remain calm in a crisis. Our checklists ensure your records for students, staff and visitors on campus are accurate and accessible so everyone can be accounted for.

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Minimise the stress of emergency situations with our interactive management tools

School emergencies can be heightened experiences. Passtab emergency management features help your staff navigate incidents with minimal stress.

Support the safety and security of students, staff and school visitors with our carefully considered emergency management tools.

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Access checklists of all students, staff and visitors on campus on your mobile devices

Passtab prepares you for the unexpected nature of critical incidents with our interactive checklists. Access accurate lists of all students, staff and visitors currently signed in to your school through the Passtab dashboard.


Identify all students, staff and visitors on school grounds

Authorised staff can view lists on their mobile device, allowing them to account for everyone on campus.

  • Emergency checklists can be accessed from any device connected to the internet
  • Staff can highlight and check-off individuals’ names as they’re accounted for
  • Checklists are live, displaying changes in real time
  • Multiple staff, diversely located across campus, can work on lists simultaneously


Confirm whether specific students, staff and visitors have left school grounds

  • Staff can also access lists of those who have signed out to double-check individuals are no longer on school grounds

Alert people on site in the event of an emergency

Passtab can send SMS* and/or email notifications to select individuals or all staff and visitors on site to alert them of an emergency.

*Additional costs for SMS apply.