Maximise your school’s safety and ensure compliance with Passtab

Passtab manages visitor activities within your school with real-time reporting that communicates with your operational systems. Optimise your site management in everyday and emergency situations.

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Introduce rigorous security checks with our adaptive visitor management features

We understand how seriously you take the safety of students and staff. That’s why we’ve drilled down into the detail of visitor management.

Passtab improves your administrative and emergency procedures and streamlines the workflows associated with visitor management. We’ve developed a thorough system so you can feel confident in your school’s safety and compliance.

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View visitors’ activity on-site at a glance with our handy dashboard

Passtab’s sophisticated administration dashboard gives you oversight into visitor movements and activities:

  • Consolidate your visitor management in one effective system
  • Oversee visitor activity on-site in real time
  • View visitor credentials, including name, visitor type, sign-in and sign-out timestamps, and the reason for their visit
  • Access interactive emergency checklists and other reports
  • Streamline your response to campus issues
  • And reduce your administrative load for greater operational efficiency

Manage the sign-in of casual and regular visitors with ease

Passtab allows you to centralise all elements of visitor registration:

  • Capture visitors’ agreement to your terms of entry
  • Log their time on-site and the time they leave
  • Create profiles of your regular visitors to streamline sign-in
  • Record and verify visitors’ identity through facial detection and photo ID
  • Issue school-branded visitor’s badges on entry, and more

Customise the information you collect according to visitor type

Tailor your school’s sign-in experience according to the different types of visitors you receive.

Our adaptive software allows you to collect different information for contractors, casual staff and parents, for example. Select from our extensive options for adept customisation.

Verify visitors’ identity with facial detection

Passtab provides a range of options for you to verify a visitor’s identity.

Institute facial detection at sign-in to record a photograph of your visitors. This photo can be saved to a visitor’s profile or requested at each visit.

The Passtab camera ensures photos are captured correctly for your records, that faces are clearly in frame, visible, well-lit and correctly positioned.

Capture ID cards against visitors’ profiles as an additional check

Store an image of your visitors’ ID at the point of sign-in. Passtab allows you to capture an image of a licence or an ID card and record them within your visitors’ profiles.

We take data privacy seriously. Passtab is proud of its premium level data privacy and security.

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Enable group sign-in to fast-track bulk visitor entries

Passtab offers a range of options for the fast and efficient sign-in of groups visiting your school. We work with you to develop the best solution to suit your needs.

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Introduce digital ID tools, such as QR codes and tap cards, for regular visitors

Streamline sign-in for regular visitors using a range of digital tools. Visitors can be issued with unique QR codes or set their own QuickPINs that connect to their profiles.

You can also set-up Passtab to integrate with existing security passes and cards with barcodes.

QR codes

Allocate regular visitors a numeric or alphabetical PIN to a QR code to enable it to be used to scan in and out of your school

RFID electromagnetic tap cards

Use your security door system security passes or printer tokens to tap in and out of your school


Issue visitors with a short numeric or alphabetical PIN to sign in and out


Scan barcodes on existing cards, such as library, student and staff cards, to sign in and out. Passtab can recognise most existing barcodes

Issue a school-branded visitor badge on entry

Passtab can print school-branded visitor passes on-demand as part of your sign-in process. Select from custom-designed badges or a range of visitor lanyards.

Create the content and layout according to your school’s needs with the option of including visitors’ photos or photo IDs.

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Streamline your school’s emergency management and incident procedures

Activate your emergency and incident management plan with our interactive digital checklists.

Access an up-to-the-minute list of everyone who has visited to ensure the safety of all visitors, staff and students during emergencies and other incidents.

  • Checklists detail all visitors, students and staff who have signed in and out using Passtab
  • Authorised staff can access checklists on any device connected to the internet
  • Checklists allow you to highlight and check off each person as they’re accounted for
  • Checklists can be simultaneously accessed by multiple staff for wider coverage
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Ensure your campus is COVID-19 safe

Optimise the health and safety of your school with our COVID-19 management features.

Passtab makes it easy for your school to adapt to changeable environment of the pandemic. Our detailed reporting ensures your compliance with government regulations is easily achievable.

Passtab has the capacity to capture diverse information, as required.

  • Instigate contactless sign-in
  • Record body temperatures as part of your entry requirements
  • Collect visitors’ contact details to notify them in the event of incidents of COVID-19
  • Record visitors’ agreement to your COVID-19 terms of entry
  • Alert key staff if information supplied at sign-in does not comply with your school’s entry requirements
  • Access reports on on-site visitors within specific date and time stamps
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