We work with schools of all sizes

Passtab is an adaptive visitor management system for schools. We centralise your front office operations so you can focus on education.

SPasstab school visitor management is highly adaptive allowing us to cater to every type of school. Our clients range from multi-campus colleges to smaller schools in remote communities, in Australia and internationally.

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We tailor your visitor management solution

Passtab’s customisation capability means it is suitable for any visitor management process. We specialise in education software, so we understand the challenges of school operations.

We work with public, independent and Catholic schools. Our customers include schools located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America, the UK and Europe, from single- to multi-campus schools in metropolitan and remote areas.

We pride ourselves on our personalised client services. We work with you to understand your needs and create a tailored solution for your school.

Our adaptive system will address your pain points for integrated, streamlined school operations.

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Network your campuses and/or schools for centralised reporting and communication

Maintain school communications and reporting in real time across diversely located campuses with Passtab’s networking capacity.

Consolidate your data and compliance systems through the Passtab administration platform. But retain the option to set up each campus according to its unique needs.

Take advantage of Passtab’s versatility to customise data points, reporting insights and real-time notifications.

*Passtab is charged per campus, based on campus size.

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