Passtab communicates with your information systems for increased efficiencies

Passtab integrates with a wide range of school information systems to streamline your school’s workflows. Uplift your productivity with a platform that truly understands school operations.

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Work smarter with Passtab’s cross-platform integration

Passtab facilitates data-sharing across diverse school systems. It reduces double-handling through its capacity to communicate with leading school system providers, including:

Via Wonde, Passtab supports integration with more than 25 Student Information Systems. Passtab has partnered with Wonde to ensure easy system-to-system integration. Wonde is easy to set up, and offers a simple, secure way to support your system integrations.

SIMON two-way integration support

Passtab’s integration with SIMON learning management system allows you to streamline your administrative processes.

Students use the self-service Passtab iPad kiosk to record when they arrive late and leave early. This is automatically shared back to your SIMON student information.

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Aruba ClearPass and Extreme Networks

Passtab’s integration with Aruba ClearPass and Extreme Networks delivers safe and secure network access to your visitors, staff and contractors.

Aruba ClearPass and Extreme Networks allow you to designate different levels of digital access based on user, device and network.

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Apply your school’s network restrictions to your visitors’ devices

  • Ensuring visitors use your secure network, instead of unrestricted access on their mobile devices, promotes enhanced cybersecurity within your school

Provide single-use network credentials for an additional layer of security*

  • Once they’ve signed in, visitors receive unique wi-fi credentials via email or text message to allow them to connect to your network
  • Credentials are single-use only and cannot be used by another visitor/person
  • Credentials are linked to visitors’ profiles in the platform for identification purposes
  • Network access is terminated when they sign out, but a history of a visitor’s activity is retained within their profile

*Only available with Passtab Premium

Automate network access for enhanced cybersecurity and administrative efficiency

  • Automated access saves your staff time and protects your network, avoiding the need to publicly display passwords on printouts or noticeboards
  • School administrators can also view visitors’ online activity, creating accountability and giving you greater insight into how visitors engage with your network

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Single Sign On (SSO) – Passtab supporting 10+ IdPs*

Our Single Sign On (SSO) options mean staff can log in to the Passtab dashboard using their main identity provider (IdP) credentials. Users can be mapped to different levels of access with our permission-based roles.

Passtab has the flexibility to accommodate an extensive range of SSO options. Chat to us about your preferences and we’ll tailor the platform to meet your needs.

*Only available with Passtab Premium

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