Protect your most precious school assets with Passtab – your students

Manage student movements more effectively and embed secure systems at your school with our adaptive and integrated student sign-in features.

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Leverage our sector knowledge to manage student movements more effectively

Our visitor management solutions are tailored for schools. Passtab’s versatile interface delivers administrative efficiencies through our considered features and reporting tools.

Our student sign-in features allow you to digitise your student sign-in, trace student arrivals and departures, as well as internal school movements into key areas, such as study rooms, wellbeing spaces, library and gym to maintain impeccable records.

These kinds of fit-for-purposes features have made us the leading visitor management software provider for the education sector.

Streamline student sign-in with our digital ID tools

Passtab allows you to set-up your student sign-in using existing security passes and cards with barcodes or electromagnetic tags (RFID).

  • RFID electromagnetic tap cards: Use your security passes to tap in and out of school
  • Barcodes: Scan barcodes on existing cards, such as library cards and student cards, to sign in and out. Passtab can recognise most existing barcodes
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Allow parents to sign-in multiple children with our linked family sign-in

Passtab allows parents to simultaneously sign-in more than one child with our linked family profiles. The platform then creates a record for each student within the administration dashboard.

Record students’ early departures and late arrivals within Passtab

Manage the late arrival and early departure of students through Passtab. The interface allows you to access detailed reports to trace student movements, coming onto and leaving campus.

Opt to print school-branded late arrival/early departure passes on-demand directly from the platform. Select from custom-designed passes or lanyards.

Alternatively, you can choose to send teaching staff an email notification of students’ approved late arrivals/early departures, if you prefer a paperless option.

Sync your school processes with Passtab’s ability to integrate cross-platform

Streamline your school’s workflows with a visitor management system that will sync from your various platforms. Passtab integrates with a number of leading software systems, including:

  • Wonde – supporting more than 25 student information systems
  • Active Directory / Azure AD
  • Aruba ClearPass
  • Extreme Networks
  • SSO – supporting more than 10 identity providers

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Record first aid incidents and maintain school medical supplies more effectively

Ensure thorough records of first aid incidents are kept with our easy-to-use reporting interface. Passtab also allows you to keep tabs on the expiry status of important medical supplies.

Log visits to your first aid room

Capture accurate information around all first aid room visits and the medicines supplied within Passtab. Our first aid reporting feature ensures you record all the imperative details, including:

  • The time and date of the visit
  • Details of the person/s involved
  • A description of the incident
  • The treatment administered
  • The outcome

Receive notifications when medicines and first aid supplies approach expiry

Passtab can track the status of all medicines and items, such as EpiPens, within your first aid centre. Ensure all your medication is within its expiry date with our easy-to-use medication register.

When a medicine expires, a colour-coded dashboard automatically registers this.

Regulate the labelling of all student medicines with Passtab’s printed first aid labels

Passtab directs parents to document medication details against their child’s name in the interface, including the medicine’s expiry date and the contact details for future replacements.

Print a label for each medication, with all the relevant details, directly from the platform for easy visual identification.

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