Safeguard your students with our live Working with Children Check tool

Your students’ safety is essential. Passtab helps you create a protected environment within your school with our live Working with Children Check (WWCC) tool.

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Be confident in the validity of visitors’ Working with Children Checks

Student safety is paramount in a learning environment. Passtab allows you to attend to your students’ education secure in the knowledge all school visitors are cleared to be working with or near children.

The Passtab live WWCC tool confirms all visitors, contractors and volunteers have a valid Working with Children Check before giving them entry to your school.

The tool validates WWCCs and Blue Cards, depending on your state. Operate with peace of mind that your school is meeting its child protection duties, ensuring valid Working With Children Checks are held by all visitors and workers as required.

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Verify visitors’ WWCC status on the spot when they sign in

Passtab authenticates the WWCCs of all visitors to your school in real time:

  • WWCCs/Blue Cards are verified at each and every school visit
  • Create Quickpin or scanning profiles for visitors to simplify sign in while still validating their WWCC in the background
  • Receive validation in real time for ease of use
  • Our live check confirms the WWCC status, not just its expiry date
  • An alert is raised if a WWCC is not/no longer valid
  • By automating this as part of school sign-in, this verification can never be overlooked
  • Available in most Australian states. Talk to our team about availability in your region

Record regular visitors’ WWCC credentials on the spot

Passtab allows you to record the details of regular visitors’ WWCCs/Blue Cards/in their profiles within the platform. It draws on the live Government Working with Children database and validates this data every time regular visitors, contractors or volunteers sign in.

Check the status of WWCCs stored within your database in bulk or individually

Passtab allows you to confirm an individual visitor’s WWCCs/Blue Cards or check all the those stored within your database in bulk so you feel confident in your school’s safety.

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