Monitor movements from room to room

The Passtab Room Register Module allows students, staff and visitors to sign in and sign out of individual rooms within your school. It delivers room-specific tracking which links directly into to the Passtab visitor management system.

The Passtab dashboard clearly separates room level and campus level sign in and sign out activity to keep emergency information clear and accessible.

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Room specific monitoring

As people enter and leave a room within your school, the activity is registered through Passtab and logged to the associated room. This allows for an enhanced level of tracking, providing you with a comprehensive overview of students, staff and visitor whereabouts within your school.

As people move from room to room, they are registered without affecting your whole school’s emergency list.

The Room Register Module adapts effortlessly to various spaces in your school from the library and the gym to the aquatic centre, staff meeting rooms, study rooms, and other dedicated areas.

Passtab provides centralised reporting for both room and campus level sign in and sign out activity.

A versatile solution that meets the needs of every spaces

The Room Register module can be used to manage all types of people arriving and departing to any dedicated space within your school from high traffic areas to more focused environments.


Maintain a serene environment by keeping a check on the inflow and outflow of people.

Gym and Aquatic Centre

Ensure safety standards by tracking headcount in these bustling zones.

Staff Meeting Room

Retain a record of meeting attendees for efficient administration.

Study Room

Regulate and track access to senior school study zones.

Any other dedicated spaces

From science labs and music rooms to outdoor spaces, track and document access effectively.

Scanning for fast access

Each Passtab station that is located in a room is optimised for rapid scan-in and scan-out. You are able to utilise your RFID or HID tap cards for swift access in and out of various spaces. Alternatively, take advantage of Passtab QR code scan cards for a seamless sign-in experience. Enjoy simplicity and speed with Passtab’s Room Register Module.

Running short of iPads?

The Passtab Room movement module is compatible with QR code posters, so instead of an iPad station at the room entry, you have the option of using a QR code poster to keep things simple and cost effective.

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