Passtab staff time in lieu tracking module

The Passtab Time in Lieu tracking module aids school’s to efficiently plan, record, manage, monitor, and maintain staff time in lieu balances.

A simple, intuitive interface makes it easy for administrators to plan large numbers of events creating time in lieu hours for large numbers of staff. Clever reporting features make it easy to monitor time in lieu status and track how time is being accrued and acquitted by staff.

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We’ll help you manage time in lieu accurately and efficiently

Accurate time in lieu management creates a harmonious workplace. When staff feel that their time is being managed fairly and accurately, they are more likely to feel valued and invested in their work, increasing motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction, which benefits both staff and the school. For schools operating on strict budgets and timelines, effective time in lieu management can help ensure that staff time is being used effectively and efficiently. By tracking time in lieu balances and requests, schools can better manage staffing levels, plan for future projects, and avoid unnecessary relief staff expenses.

By using Passtab’s digital time in lieu module, the process can be greatly improved in accuracy and efficiency. All sign in and out times have a date and time to enforce accuracy and system notifications ensure nothing is missed. The risk of recording errors and time in lieu balance discrepancies is reduced, and the time invested in managing the process all significantly reduced.

Advanced planning tools for forecasting time in lieu arrangements

Plan and manage your workforce’s additional hours or time off, well in advance. By utilising the tools in this module you can effortlessly handle pre-accrual and pre-acquittal of hours, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both employees and managers.

This powerful tool is particularly beneficial when organising staff requirements for school camps and other future commitments.

With Passtab’s forward planning features, you can easily allocate time in lieu for your employees. This proactive approach allows you to effectively plan how staff will make up the balances of the planned time in lieu during the course of the year.

Furthermore, by having a clear overview of your work force’s time in lieu requirements in advance, you can make accurate and informed decisions when assigning tasks and scheduling shifts.

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Streamline your time in lieu request process

Staff can use the Passtab iPad station to request time in lieu hours, which allows them to inform their managers of their desired time off and receive approval. Alternatively, they can work the hours and subsequently request to have those hours added to their time in lieu balance, which will then be subject to manager approval.

No daily sign in or sign out required

The Passtab staff time in lieu module eliminates the need for daily sign-in and sign-out at school. It only monitors hours that deviate from regular working hours, which can be entered by staff or managers. It doesn’t compare sign-in/out times with rosters; instead, it tracks hours outside regular hours as time in lieu. The Passtab iPad can be used to validate actual sign-in/out times against planned time in lieu hours based on school management policy

Ensuring accurate time in lieu calculation

Once the time in lieu request is approved by a manager, the staff member will need to sign in and out at the Passtab iPad station during the designated time to confirm their actual arrival and departure times. This process guarantees the precise logging of the time in lieu balance.

Flexible and adaptable

Passtab gives managers the ability to adjust time in lieu balances at any time, accommodating changing circumstances throughout the year.

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A new era of time in lieu management, at your fingertips

Managing time in lieu has never been this simple. With our innovative time in lieu dashboard, school management can gain real-time insights into their current time in lieu liability with just a glance.

Designed for an easy overview of hours that are owed both to, and by your staff. You are also able to track the amount of time in lieu hours that are yet to be planned for or resolved, helping you ensure balance and fairness in the workplace. The days of manual tracking and confusion are over.

The time in lieu dashboard also provides you with a quick overview of upcoming time in lieu arrangements. With this feature, you can plan and manage school resources more effectively, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning environment for students.

What’s more, the dashboard is also equipped with a dedicated section for pending time in lieu requests. School management can promptly review, approve, or decline these requests, promoting efficient decision-making and enhance communication with staff.

Working in harmony with our comprehensive email notifications, Passtab ensures no detail is ever overlooked in the management of time in lieu. The Passtab time in lieu module is an advanced solution that provides accuracy while reducing administration workload.

Manager approval process

Before the system can register a request for time in lieu entries, Passtab will prompt for manager approval to ensure management and staff are in agreement with the with the proposed time in lieu accrual or acquittal.

Notifications for time in lieu requests

Specially designed system notifications will ensure every step of the time in lieu request and approval process is followed though by both managers and staff.

Managing different accrual rates

If time in lieu is accrued at varying rates, such as 50% when on call and 100% when performing duties, the Passtab time in lieu module can be configured to accurately track these hours and apply the corresponding accrual rates to the balance.

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